I'm Dan.  I guess you would say that I put the 'Artisan' in Artisan's Smokehouse.  I love learning about the traditional ways of smoking and curing meat, practicing the craft, and sharing the rewards of those time honored traditions (bacon and smokehouse meats and snacks) with you.

Everything I produce I do so in small batches and limited runs.  While there is nothing at all wrong with grabbing some bacon from the grocery store, if you've never had dry-cured bacon smoked in a small country smokehouse, well, try it and you'll be in for a real treat.

My mission is to make those old-school flavors available to you in every product I produce.

I don't advertise (other than a Facebook page and on Instagram) and only ask for word of mouth recommendations.  You can sign up for my newsletter and I'll be happy to let you now what products are available and when.

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I make it fresh, the old fashioned way.

You order it...

I ship it

You munch it.



... for stopping in.  I truly appreciate it.  If you need anything at all, reach out at info@artisanssmokehouse.com.

That's me, lighting up the smokehouse.