Breakfast Bacon - Porchetta makes it taste so good.

Breakfast Bacon - Porchetta makes it taste so good.

Premium Breakfast Bacon….What is Porchetta, anyway?

Wine tasting in Montalcino Ordering porchetta at the market


I took inspiration from a trip my wife and I took to Italy in 2014 and created the recipe for our ‘Breakfast Bacon’.  Filled with the flavor of savory herbs that blend so well with pork that make my breakfast bacon a truly unique tasting experience.


Standing in line in Montalcino, Italy at an open air market… waiting hungrily for a slice of that whole, deboned, herb rubbed, salty, roasted pig on the butcher’s counter.  The one with the perfectly crispy skin.

“Sliced or on a sandwich’ the server asks each patron in Italian as they step up to the counter.  ‘Sliced’, I say when it is my turn.  He grabs his knife and slices away at the aromatic roast until I tell him to stop.  He hands me pork slices, wrapped in butcher paper, and I cannot wait to sit down and dig in for my first taste of porchetta.

So, what exactly is porchetta?  It is a dish that originated in central Italy in the province of Rome.  It is a whole pig, de-boned, arranged in layers of meat and fat and salt and herbs and then roasted to perfection.  The skin is crisp, the meat is salty and tastes of herbs like garlic, and thyme and rosemary and fennel.  It is pig perfection.

Try our breakfast bacon and sample an inspired taste of Italy.


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  • Dan Coleman
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